Other Work

Film Landscapes

Shot with Kodak Portra 400 on 6x7 medium format

GameBoy Camera

If you're going to shoot portraits with a GameBoy - it might as well be with a pink Hello Kitty GameBoy.

If you want to know more about the GameBoy camera read my review over at 35mmc

Camera Reviews

On occasion I’m asked to write my musings about cameras/equipment/cake on community pages. Click on an image to be magically transported to the article.

Landcapes & Cityscapes

Yes I know it is somewhat cliché, but when you have a camera with you most of the day you are always going to end up taking pictures of stuff like this at some point.

100 Film Portraits, One Afternoon

The aim of this project was to shoot 100 portraits in one afternoon, one colour, one black and white, both being situated on film. I did not direct the models, nor did I retake any images to accentuate the finality of using film compared to the ease that we delete digital imagery with modern technology.

Overall I am really pleased with the honesty and rawness of the images.

A massive thank you to the awesome VenthStudio for hosting this project, and the gracious participants who made this possible

Street Photography

A small selection of candid photographs I have taken whilst walking to find sustenance or running away from monsters with sharp teeth.